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The Power of Purpose: Why I Founded the Saramar Group

Ever since I was a small girl, the Spanish language and Latin cultures have captivated me. I grew up in North Carolina yet was raised with a global perspective grounded in giving back and serving others – all instilled by my mother and grandmother.

I learned and studied Spanish starting in preschool – a passion that has continued throughout my life. My mother worked for the YMCA, a global organization, and traveled across Latin America building partnerships with YMCAs in Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and Paraguay. She brought back amazing stories and artifacts that sparked my curiosity and appreciation for the world’s diverse cultures. (And she even helped me with my Spanish homework.) In college I had the opportunity to live in Costa Rica as a volunteer with the YMCA serving local youth in Purral de Guadalupe, a small town outside of San Jose. I also lived in Spain as a student at the University of Salamanca and volunteer with the Ronald McDonald House in Barcelona. 

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This passion for the Spanish language and cultures – combined with a desire to serve – has manifested throughout my career, and is at heart of my business, Saramar Group. My work has been a unique blend of corporate and nonprofit experience. Before starting the business, I worked on the multicultural marketing team at The Coca-Cola Company leading national Hispanic marketing campaigns. Prior to Coke, I served as Communications & PR Manager at the Latin American Association, a prominent nonprofit serving the metro Atlanta Hispanic community.

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In 2018, I took a leap of faith to start a business grounded in purpose, positive impact, and passion. Above all, I founded Saramar Group because I believe brands have the power to change the world for good. I’ve personally seen how a higher purpose can create long-lasting loyalty, love and community around a brand – ignited by an authentic brand mission of inclusion, support and uplift. At Saramar Group we help our clients unleash that power of purpose, putting impact at the center of brand engagement with Hispanic audiences.

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Saramar Group helps brands build meaningful connection with U.S. Hispanic audiences through purpose-driven marketing, brand engagement and consumer experiences. We partner with clients on strategic marketing, corporate social responsibility, and diversity initiatives that not only drive business results but create positive social impact as well.

How can we help you connect to Hispanic audiences while creating social impact? We are here to partner and serve.

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